7 chakra system in human body
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Like the seven colors in the spectrum and the seven notes of music, the human body is composed of seven energy center points, known as Chakras. The Sanskrit language resides unexplored Hidden Gems of the vast ancient highly advanced technological world which is classified in our present world.

These ancients always knew the science to unlock human superpowers. Here we will learn how ancients used to keep their consiousness at higher level and lived a life of freedom and ultimate knowledge.

Every ritual that our forefathers used to practice in the name of culture or tradition somehow possess deep-rooted secrets of spiritual science.

Why we must keep our spine erect on Mahashivaratri Day ? Lets get into the answers.


muladhara chakra symbol
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1.The first Chakra to start with is “Muladhara” also called as “Root Chakra” in English. Muladhara is located at the base of the spine. this is the area between the genital organ and anal outlet .this also known by the name perineum. the word Muladhara is a combination of two Sanskrit words, “Moolah”, meaning root or source and “Aadhaar” meaning support this is one of the most rigid chakras and is associated with the earth element. even physiologically this is the place where the grossest elements of the body reside. If one’s life energies are dominant in Muladhara, one is always concerned with survival needs like shelter and security. this energy junction is also where the dormant Kundalini energy resides. 

   If you wish to know more about Kundalini, keep reading till the end.

swadhisthana chakra symbol
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2. The second major chakra is Swadhisthana this is called the Sacral Chakra in English. and is located at the top of the genital organ. the word Swadhisthana in Sanskrit literally means well-established. this Chakra deals with the faculties of pleasure and sexuality. and is represented by the water element which again correlates with the physiological presence of the exact same elements in the human body.

manipura chakra symbol
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 3. The third major chakra is Manipuraka or Manipura, this is called the Navel Chakra in English and is located just below the navel. this is also the level at which we were connected to our mothers, and receive nourishment inside the womb. this chakra deals with the faculties of power hunger and nourishment. It is represented by the fire element.

anahata chakra symbol
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4. The fourth major chakra is Anahata, also known as the Heart chakra or solar plexus is located just below where our rib cage meets. Anahata in Sanskrit literally means unstruck sound. This Chakra deals with kindness, love, and compassion. the element here is air. 

vishuddhi chakra symbol
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5. The fifth one is Vishuddhi, which literally means a purifier or a filter. “Vishuddha “ means pure or filtered. This is located at the pit of the throat and hence is called the Throat Chakra in English. It is represented by the element Aakash, Vishuddhi deals with speech and communication.

agya chakra symbol
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 6. The sixth Chakra Aagya literally means a “ command”. this is located at the junction of the eyebrows this is also called the third eye chakra and deals with sight and perception. Ones this chakra is fully activated, the third eye is said to be opened. this Eye which is a representation of perception beyond the duality of existence will make one dispassionate towards everything. this is represented by Shiva, burning everything within his sight, if he opens his third eye. 

sahasrara chakra symbol
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 7. Finally, the seventh chakra at the top of the head is called Sahasrara. Sahasrara means a thousand-petalled Lotus. this should not be understood literally as 1000 petals but rather thousands of petals meaning innumerable. Yogis who are in deep states of Samadhi have the energy at the center. this is a state where even the sense of self is absent during meditation. Now that we are aware of the meanings and locations of the names of all the chakras in the blog session we will venture into an in-depth exploration of each Chakra, I hope you enjoyed this divine self-knowledge.

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Here you will get to know about the 3 important points about Kundalini Shakti, which are as follows :

1.Significance of the Human Spine and Kundalini and why they are giving such importance in spiritual circles.

2. The impact of the planetary forces especially the full moon and New Moon on the human body.

3. The brilliant ritual prescribed by ancient sages to make use of the natural forces in existence enhancing human life.

Significance of the Human Spine and Kundalini and why they are giving such importance in spiritual circles :

Finally, when we club these points together we will see why our ancestors told us to keep asking erect and not sleep during Mahashivratri. Our “ times of red pill blog ” is an initiative to explore the vast variety of original Sanskrit literature.

The single most important aspect of human evolution was moving from horizontal to vertical spine, known by powerful Sanskrit names like Vajra, Varsha and Meru Danda.

spine tree art
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The spine is seen in both spiritual and scientific circles as the key to unlock human potential. If the human spine can be thought of as a stem, then it is this stem that helps the flower which is the brain to blossom.

 It does not just help the brain, it is also the single most important structure that keeps the skeletal system intact. Not just the skeletal system it also keeps the respiratory and digestive system intact and protected. While one end of the spine has the flower, the other end has seeds, which held that flower blossom and create for the plants do you get this. let me know in the comment section if you get the analogy.

This large reservoir of energy at the base of the spine which has been allocated by Nature for reproduction is called Kundalini. “ Kunda ” literally means of a “ pit ”  in Sanskrit. Kundalini is something that resides in a pit or a tank.

Nature has put a bound on all living creatures to use this Kundalini or reservoir energy solely for reproduction. However, human beings alone have the will to make a conscious choice of how they wish to use that energy. They can either let it flow down and outward into another human being and create a new life outside, or if they choose they can direct that energy Reservoir up along the spine and unlock life possibilities within that seem Supernatural to those who did not exercise that will to move their energy upwards. This process is called as awakening the Kundalini.

So all of this means healthier we keep our spine, the straighter we keep it and the better which channel the life energy through the spine upward the better our brain and every other organ in our body functions.

 And this concludes the first part of the importance of the spine.

lunar cycle
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The impact of the planetary forces especially the full moon and New Moon on the human body :

The human being is not a separate entity from this existence. As the planet has a push and pulls on each other so they do on every living and non-living creature too. This has been explored in an extremely scientific way by the ancient sages in books like Hora Shastra, Bhrigu Sanhita, and Jyotisha Shastra.

lunar cycle in women's body
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The most prominent effects on the human body among all these celestial objects is of course by the Sun and the Moon. From tidal waves and seasonal cycles on the planet, to sleep cycles and menstrual period in human beings, sun and moon have a significant impact on the life on earth. And the impact of the celestial objects is of course also on Kundalini.

To know more about Astrological effects and facts go to this link: 7 Interesting facts about Astrology, & about the Astrology signs

shiva, mahadev

The brilliant ritual prescribed by ancient sages to make use of the natural forces in existence enhancing human life.

With this understanding, we can now come to the third point.

If you observe closely, everything in Indian culture is carefully crafted to move this Kundalini of upwards.  A process that takes a tremendous amount of willpower and self-discipline has now in assisted by simple aspects of the culture which make use of natural forces in existence.

 It doesn’t matter if you are eating, bathing, or making love or just taking a dump, the right way to do it to keep your skin healthy and move the Kundalini upwards.

Most importantly two days of the Year have been identified as having the most powerful impact on once Kundalini.

The first one is the brightest Night of the year, which falls on the first full moon of The Sun’s southern run. This is called as Guru Purnima.

Second is the darkest night of the year which calls on the first New Moon of the Sun’s northern run which is Maha Shivratri.


Especially, Mahashivratri has been attributed to the Emptiness of the universe, the cradle in which creation is manifest, Lord Shiva. Keeping your spine erect throughout this day and night, facilitates the movement of Kundalini in the spine with the utmost ease.

Therefore, our spiritual text knowledge is totally scientific and not blind faith. It was written in such a manner that humans of all ages and times can easily understand this divine knowledge. If these ancient texts were been written like the boring textbooks of today’s time, then would you think anybody will read and understand it to the core and practice them as a lifestyle? Of course not.

That’s why our ancient creative sages poured all their epic knowledge in the form of stories, poetries, and songs. So that it could be easily passed down in a family tree of humans and be remembered for a long period of time. As India is the Land of Seekers, these ancient Gurus or Rishis have made their knowledge immortal in the hearts of the seeker of the truth.

And this is why the tradition dictates that one should not lie down throughout the night.

May this Shivratri the night of awakening for all of us. Make sure you spread this knowledge to as many people as possible and help them make the most of nature’s assistant in enhancing human potential.

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What is chakra blockage?

The type of food we eat, the way society and the media programs once mind, it blocks our divine intelligence from blooming on its own. 24 hrs we keep consuming something externally. Today’s modern world has deprived us of nature’s beauty and its pure essence. All the low emotions that we accumulate due to external programming, and by thinking negatively about our own self gets stuck in these chakras.

Gradually they these blocked emotions and feelings that we gather throughout our life manifests itself in the form of diseases and disorders, which could be mental, physical, or spiritual.

How to unblock chakras ?

There are various techniques and formulas for healing the Chakras in ancient Sanskrit Vedic texts, written by the superhuman rishis or saints of ancient Bharata . You can start with Self Healing your chakras one by one using these techniques.

Even today scientists are researching and decoding these scriptures and leaning about this insane Ancient alien and their discoveries for human welfare.

We have compiled some of the Techniques to Unblock Chakras, Click Here: How To Unblock 7 Chakras | Beginners Guide to Heal Chakras

How to start with Self Healing?

Always start with the base of your Chakra which is the first chakra known as Root or Muladhara. Like the strength of a building always depends on how strong and firm its base is built, similarly, our entire body health depends on the base our body i.e Root Chakra. It is the place where the seed of manifestation geminates.

Learn to Root Chakra Healing, Chick Here: 7 Best Yoga Poses To Heal, Balance & Activate Root/Muladhara Chakra

namaskaram posture

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