Do you have an idea, how simple mindfulness meditation can change your life?

In our every day lives, we are guilty of neglecting our heads, allowing our brains to become lulled to a lazy and oblivious condition.

It’s like we are permitting ourselves to be sculpted by bland and repetitive consumerism, our individuality being chiseled away by the tedium we cannot even be bothered to struggle at any will.

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Life shouldn’t be like that. We are blessed with a mind that is powerful; but people not knew the best way to use it, have forgotten or, probably. It is a waste of our best resources.

One way to begin to extricate ourselves from the dumb quicksand would be to gently exercise our thoughts.

Together with mindfulness and meditation as a way of bringing ourselves emphatically into the actual world, and initiate the process of control over our minds and our lives.

Creating a mindfulness meditation is a gentle but highly effective exercise. But how can you go about doing it?

A Simple Mindfulness Meditation Exercise

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Much like any meditation session, get into a relaxed position, close your eyes, then begin with profound nasal breathing, focusing your thoughts.

Once you feel that your breath is beneath your control that is hands-free and your breathing calms you, then you can move on to focusing on your own body, part at one time.

Move the body gradually, left ankle, knee, knee and so forth up. When reaching your mind, you do the same in reverse on the other side of the body: the right shoulder, right elbow, right hand and so forth.

As soon as you have finished the tour of your body, as if you were someone else then now is the time to open your eyes and elevate the mindfulness of your environment.

To do this, concentrate on any item in the area; it does not need to be anything special: a cup whatever, on the coffee table a flower that is plastic.

Attempt move to any object, and then to keep that attention for half a moment. You may repeat this several times, always maintaining a focus in your body and your breathing, developing harmony with every single object on.

Bottom Line

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By utilizing this simple mindfulness meditation you’re increasing awareness both of your own environment.

It can serve as a prelude to some task that is mental, in addition to being a part of an ongoing mindfulness effort to fortify and expand the use of your mind.

Many days, By way of instance I write, but occasionally I just do not seem able to concentrate on what I’m supposed to be writing about.

I can get on, and I find this type of exercise will snap me out of that malaise that is inexplicable and write exactly what I should have written.

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