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How to get maximum results using Subliminals ?

At first we must understand how these subliminals work with consciousness.
In our waking life we are less than 5% conscious. All we do is a compulsive living by becoming slaves of our indriyas or sense organs and our inner chemistry.

Let us understand how we will be able to raise our consciousness and also maintain a high level of consciousness.

To access the subconscious power let us know about what is awareness, conscious, subconscious, super-consciousness.

What is Consciousness ?

Consciousness is not something you can define or measure using dumb logical instruments or understand with information. One which is can’t be defined, one which is zero (shunya) in dimension and also infinite in nature, which is always there unchangeable before and after creation. One which is not even energy, frequency, or vibration. One which has no name, but it is the reason for all the existence and non-existence and beyond.

a drop on the leaf

Awareness is a fragment of Consciousness. Like a drop of water is part of the ocean, also Ocean is a part of that drop. They both are one. The only difference is of knowing and realizing the truth and embrace it. If the drop doesn’t even realize it is still the part of the ocean. But the best way is to wake up and live the truth with full awareness.

It is similar to lucid dreaming. When we are aware in our dreams we know that we are dreaming and we can create anything and roam anywhere using our conscious will and thus it feels like a fairy tale dream. But when we are just dreaming unconsciously and feel that the dream is a reality then it sometimes turns into a nightmare.

Awareness is wakefulness and it fluctuates in our waking life.
Suppose, while watching a movie in the theatre we are aware of the screen but we are not aware of the whole theatre beacause its dark we can’t see and thus awareness is limited. So right now we are consious of the screen, the drama which is shown to us.

Hence being in just 1st level of Awareness is nothing but being aware of the physical level of our existence.

What is Subconsciousness?

eternal mind power

Subconsciousness is our 2nd level of inner awareness.
As the name itself says, partially conscious, which means the awareness we access by being partially conscious of 1st level awareness i.e physicality and the partially accessing to the 2nd level awareness.

By continuing the above example of a Theatre. We are conscious of the screen and drama in the 1st level of Consciousness. Now when we are partially consious of the 1st level of awareness and partially conscious of the 2nd level is when we get high, emotional, anxious or fearful as if the drama is a real event in our experience.

We are partially aware that yes these events are fake but still we attach our feelings to those dramas. This is a subconscious act which is not in our full control, all those emotions are getting attached because our second level of consciousness takes it as a real-life experience. We can never control the Subconscious, instead, our Subconscious is the reason for the physicality and the way we perceive using our external world.

How we are accessing Subconscious while watching movies ?

cinema hall

If you are an advance level meditator you will know that when we are sitting still in a comfortable yogic posture and focusing on one point by just being aware, concentrating all our energy and emotions to one thing in the inner spcae of mind, and not allowing thoughts to interfere. Our 1st level of awareness gets enhanced and enters the second level which is subconscious.
Its like, at first we were swimming in the shallow part of the ocean(1st level) and now we are diving into the great deep ocean(2nd level).

While watching movies we are on the conjunction point where the shallow and deeper part of the ocean merges. This is how movies play with our awareness. All those emotions are emerging within us no outside. The movie is just a tool which is acting as a stimulant to activate those true emotions within us.

Similarly, this life of ours which we consider as real is also nothing but a play of Awareness. We all are fragments or metaphorically can say children of the great divine ocean which have chosen consciously to come and play here and enjoy the Drama of life. In Sanskrit, this game of life is known as Leela.

We are acting as the fragments as well as the Whole in real-time i.e we are Parents and also the children at the same time.
When we leave our physical bodies, we are completely disintegrating ourselves with 1st level of awareness and go deep into our inner consciousness and merge with the great sea.

Thus gradually bypassing all the inner levels of awareness which is a whole different level of life or a whole journey of a drop to the ocean. Death is just a name which means disintegrating with one life and connecting to another.

As we remove the coating of awareness from 1st to last we are becoming more of our true selves, we are becoming free and Sovereign.

Now the question is…

Can we access that Subconscious to activate those true emotions within us and also change our physicality?

This is a sign you have been looking for transformation

If we are aware we are Conscious. Now by enhancing the awareness within we can access Subconscious.

Four states of consciousness within :

The Mandukya Upanishad describes four states of consciousness, namely waking (jågrat), dreaming (svapna), and deep sleep (sushupti).

1st state waking state : In which we are aware of our daily world. “It is described as outward-knowing (bahish-prajnya), gross (sthula) and universal (vaishvanara)”. This is the gross body.

2nd state is the dreaming mind : “It is described as inward-knowing (antah-prajnya), subtle (pravivikta) and burning (taijasa)”.This is the subtle body.

3rd state is the deep sleep : In this state the underlying ground of conciousness is undistracted, “the Lord of all (sarv’-eshvara), the knower of all (sarva-jnya), the inner controller (antar-yami), the source of all (yonih sarvasya), the origin and dissolution of created things (prabhav’-apyayau hi bhutanam)”.This is the causal body.

4th State is Turiya i.e Pure Consciousness : It is the background that underlies and transcends the three common states of consciousness. In this consciousness both absolute and relative, saguna brahman and Nirguna Brahman, are transcended.It is the true state of experience of the infinite (ananta) and non-different (advaita/abheda), free from the dualistic experience which results from the attempts to conceptualise ( vipalka) reality.It is the state in which ajativada, non-origination, is apprehended.

Now, by using subliminals we are by passing our 1st state of awareness and communicating with 2nd level to manifest our wishes. So you will ask…

Why it is necessary to shut down 1st level Awareness to invoke the 2nd level Awareness ?

The reason we need to do that because :
1st state of Awareness is controlled by our physical body’s sense organs(or Indriyan in Sanskrit). Also, our mind in this state remains engaged with useless thoughts which has nothing to do with manifestations. These thoughts are the result of all our mind programming, experience, and our Identity ( also known as Ahankara in Sanskrit).

So unless we shut down the movie in the theatre we will keep remaining attached to it and keep considering ourselves as the protagonist of the movie. To detach us from engagement with false identification of our physicality like our appearance, all the materialistic things which we got in our life, it is necessary to turn off the 1st level or engage the 1st level such that our subconscious can easily take over it partially.
This is what happens while listening to Subliminals, we try to run a movie consciously, which we desire to create as our 1st level of experience.

Our subconscious mind records all the data which we have experienced through out our lives in memories in the language of emotions. Like the machines use Binary codes, our biological machines do use its own binary code in the form of 5 elements. Our body is also a heap of these basic 5 elemental imprints of our ancestors and environment.
As we know Water element is 70%. Water has the huge capacity to store data. Thats why we will start with imprinting or programming this water element.

In vedas our gross body is also called as Annamaye Kosha, which means a Sheath of Food. And food is nothing but these 5 elements only. Our body is the gift from Mother Earth, we eat her and one day she will eat us and we will be free of all these coverings upon our true self.

How to start with Inner Work of Self Transformation ?

power of awareness

Let us start with a very Effective, Miraculous, Water Technique for self Programming.

Important guidelines for Water Technique :

Let us suppose, we want to build a pot. All we got is Earth and Water element to create it. So we will pour a specific amount of water into Earth or soil and mix in a perfect ratio and craft a pot with it.

But what if you pour a lot of water to the soil ?
Ofcourse the pot will lose its perfect shape..right!

So my friend, what I am trying to tell you is that we must be very cautious before taking water into our body. Whenever you are thirsty, only then you must drink water. Because body already has 70% of water if you will put water more than that then manifesting your desired physicality will be difficult.
So we must maintain Golden Ratio inside our body and automatically our external body also gets aligned with cosmic geometry.

How can you maintain Golden Ratio?

Very simple, you don’t have to do anything. We possess a vast intelligence inside which manifests, rearranges, replenishes, heals anything in auto mode.

All we need is to charge water before we drink it. And every other element will adjust to it. Because it’s 70%.
Also, drink water slowly.

Let me give you an example on what happens if you drink water unconsciously and rapidly.
Think of a cloud burst, what happens when a cloud suddenly bursts, it brings flood right, it destroys whatever comes on its way. But what happens when clouds bring rain, does it feel pretty? So the same goes for our bodies.

Always keep the water still for sometime after charge or leave it overnight in a copper vessel, then drink. It is the best way to energize every part of our body in an efficient way.

Mantra for Charging Water

water glass

Use sanskrit Beej(seed) mantras. As the name itself says, its a vibrational seed. It will heighten your conciousness to integrate with the very subtle essence of your life.
Our thoughts and desires which we project within mind is also a vibration. We can transform this vibration into a seed and plant in the Earth element.

Caution : While saying keywords in your own language, don’t say in terms of past present or future. Only pure single words.

So, the question arises,

Where is the Earth element and How to plant vibrational seeds ?

baby plants growing

There are amazing networks of 7200 nerves or subtle tubes or channels (Nadi), through which the energies of the subtle body flow, the life force energy known as “Prana”. They are subtler than the nerves referred to in modern physiology. They are closely associated with the nervous system.
These Nadis form 7 basic points(nodes or junction points) where certain naadis gets intertwined in very subtle level.

These 7 chakras are associated with specific Element which maintains the balance of these 5 elements which we know as : Dharti(Earth), Jal(Water), Vaayu(Air), Agni(Fire) and Aakasha(Ether).

The Nadis are the subtle tubes or channels

Keywords for Water Charging :

You can use any positive and vibranat words to charge your water. And then chant using Beej Mantras before or after saying your keywords.

Then blow air with your mouth 3 times slightly on the water. Now take 3 sips with your lips touching the water glass or the vessel you are using.

Then keep the glass at a place where no one can touch it, close the glass opening so that impurities can’t enter. Drink it after 2-3 hours.

Best time to charge water is before sleeping. Then the first thing in the morning we can do is drinking the charged water. It will boost your energy throughout the day.

Examples of keywords that I use are as follows :

⦁ Happiness
⦁ Joy
⦁ Ecstasy
⦁ Health
⦁ Wealth
⦁ Abundance
⦁ Luck
⦁ Beauty
⦁ Love
⦁ Forgiveness
⦁ Acceptance
⦁ Thankfulness

So, the question arises,

How to plant vibrational seeds in our Earth element ?

plant uprooting

There are amazing networks of 7200 nerves or subtle tubes or channels (Nadi), through which the energies of the subtle body flow, the life force energy known as “Prana”. They are subtler than the nerves referred to in modern physiology. They are closely associated with the nervous system.
These Nadis form 7 basic points(nodes or junction points) where certain naadis gets intertwined in very subtle level.

These 7 chakras are associated with specific Element which maintains the balance of these 5 elements which we know as :

  • Dharti(Earth)
  • Jal(Water)
  • Agni(Fire)
  • Vaayu(Air)
  • Aakasha(Ether).
elements of 7 chakras

Muladhaar Chakra : The very first chakra which develops in our body is Muladhaar. This is the center of the Earth element in our body.
The strenght of any skyscraper depends on how strong its base is built.

Same goes with our body too. Prana energy should flow upto the root while breathing. It itself is a trendemous sadhna.

Right now, we need to know how to plant vibrational seeds in the Muladhaar Chakra.

Here we will apply the Law of Detachment to implant our desires as a vibrational seed in the Root chakra.

Why use the Law of Detachment instead of the Law of Attraction to plant a vibrational seed ?

See both univesal Laws are the two sides of the same coin.
The reason why we are choosing Law of Detachment for planting seeds is because, you should not bombard same thought again and again on Muladhaar , it signfies attachment with seed.

Also, Muladhara is very sensitive to fear, greed, and other low vibrational emotions. So before meditating on Muladhara Chakra keep calm and release all your low vibrational thoughts aside, bury it, and burn it in Muladhara, as the soil is the best place to bury anything. It compost everything and transforms in the element Ether where everything manifests in a moment.

This is one of the secret ways to access the Ether element using Earth.

In Earth ever dead and waste matter decays and also new living matter borns. And Ether element is where the God power resides. A trendomous sadhna and yoga is required to master this Element.

But one the easy way to connect to Ether or Akasha or which is infinite, is through Muladhara. By letting all our worries and low vibrational thoughts decay in the Earth element.

When a person dies we bury or burn the corps in soil. That is why we say terms like Earthing or Grounding our emotions in the Earth. The Earth has the immense power to digest anything, to heal every pain and burden.
From simplest to advance, all kinds of creation is flourishing inside and outside the planet Earth. It carries all our weight, suffers all our foolish artificial activities. But still, Mother earth is nourishing us in her lap with love, evergreen nature, and feeling of Home.

If you want a healthy tree you just you will plant the seed and take care of it by focusing on other processes like watering,ensuring proper sunlight etc. Or will you dig the Earth again and again and put the seed repeatedly at the same point everyday? If you do this , your tree will never grow.

Detachment will be successful if you are devoted to the process not the goal.
Setting goals is not an issue but attachments with goals only and not working along the process is a severe attachment.

Why for some people Detachment seems difficult ?

a person staring the sky full of stars

There could be many reasons, but the main reason is they are not conscious of the present moment, which happens only once in a lifetime.

If one is aware of this much thing, that there is infinite knowledge and experinece in this one moment only, our mind will not entagle itself with memories of past and imagination of future.One will know the life as it is without any prejudice and false imprints.
In this one unique single moment there is so much vast data for our brains to process, then why the hell our mind will be the slaves of our own accumulated memories which don’t even exist.

For instance, if there is a table full of Five-star hotel food in front of your eyes, then why the hell will you be worried about the food you gonna eat in the future or the food you enjoyed in the past. If anyone really does! Get help !

Honestly, memories are the data accumulation which don’t exist in present experience, but is significant for just saving our lives.
For example, If you have experienced that touching fire really burns, then next time if you deal with fire you will ensure not to burn yourself.
Same goes with imagination. It also acquires some part of the memory, we can call RAM (Random access memory)of our brain.

So don’t get attached in the imagination of the trees and the fruits, just take care of the seed and the fertility of the soil. That’s it.

How to program using the Root chakra of your body?

By following the Water Technique I mentioned above.
Adapt meditation and be in the state of balance emotionally and energetically for the whole day.

Practice being conscious and aware of the moment, and that you are not the body, not even the mind.

Steps to enhance Subliminal Results

Step 1 : You can use accelerator subliminal or boosters.
Step 2 : You can use the Law of Detachment
Step 3 : You can use Chitta Shakti Meditation.

How to select a Subliminal for yourself ?

All you need to see which subliminal channel has more trusted reviews and responds by the users.
Then ensure if its comforatble or not while listening at night before sleeping. Choose the music which is comfortable for you.

I personally recommend Hypnodaddy. You can use any other as per your wish.

What else you can do after listening to subliminals ?

Apply Law of Detachment

Give the control to the divine to work on your intention. All you need is just to shoot the arrow and don’t worry if it hits the target of not. Just enjoy shooting arrows and leave. Shoot Arrow in present moment in various directions of your life and leave and trust that someone better and more advanced agent is working for you to accomplish whatever you have shot for.
If you don’t leave the arrow it won’t even move an inch towards the target. Then why to afraid, be fearless.

” Dream with Detachment “
~ By- subconsciousspirits.com

It’s simple as Law of Attraction and even much more than that.
When it comes to LOA or any other spiritual stuff we give it technical terms and specify as like a user manual. But no, our life is very much unpredictable and also very short. There is one moment in which we live, it’s so tiny that we don’t even bother to be conscious of it.

If you won’t give attention to it, it will simply pass away along with your life and energy.

How to manifest in a moment ?

Since we have born in this planet everything we saw was already there prebuilt for us. The environment, nature, cities, and other living and non living things.

Even before entering into a human body, our parents, relatives, home, toys, etc, most of the things for us were already manifested.
So nature(Prakriti) or universe manifests the best for us, always.

Who do you think manifests the best for us, Universe, or we ourselves ?

I leave this question for you to contemplate on.
Please do comment if you have the best answer.

Well its true that manifestation happens in a moment. And it keeps continuing on its own unpredictable pattern.

What do you think.. is Unpredictability a boon to our lives?

I believe yes it is. If We will be able to predict everything from start to end then we will lost the curiosity and the inner child, instead of playing with the universe we will sleep forever.

Just tell me one thing dear friends…

Lets say, a Jinnie from a magic lamp stands in front of you and says, “My friend, Tell me your wish as much as you want. I will fullfill your all wishes. I will also be with you for lifetime. But you only have one moment to tell me about your wish.”

Would you be able to explain all your wishes in just a moment ?

Can you even visualize what do you exactly want in your life in just a moment?

Will you able to express about your infinite desire I just a moment?

Then how can you just say that you will be able to manifest in a moment?

Don't lose hope :)

Just understand, this is not something our mind has programmed to do.
But you have given a very pleasant privilege from the divine, that you don’t have to even worry about manifestation, the Divine will do everything for you in autopilot. You just have to relax and play the role of the character of the movie which I have directed for you.

Are you confused?

Lets get back to the story of the Magic Lamp.
Now what do you have to answer to the proposal of the Jinnie, i will tell you.
You say, “Dear Jinne, as we are friends I don’t wanna command you , You can manifest anything for me whatever will be the best for me, I leave it upto you. “

Here ginnie is your soul power. It is your personal Universe inside. It is already manifesting each and everything for you in auto pilot. Your job is to observe and take part in the drama, but without getting entangle in the drama.

Its similar to playing video games, you play the part of your favourite player but you know that this is a game.

So as this Universe is working in Auto Mode,it is unpredictable. What will happen next moment, it is unknown to us. We only know this one moment.

Being unpredictable is the key to manifest in a moment. And whatever will be the best for you will happen to you without even asking for it. Also which you have never been expected will happen to you .

And becoming unpredictable is very easy but also tricky , trust me it needs certain mastery over mind and your thoughts.

If you don’t believe me. Let’s do a little experiment ok.

Experiment To Do:

Suppose, you decide to go somewhere, lets say place A. Now you are planning and thinking the whole time about being in place A. You are damn serious to visit place A.

When the time will come to go , just change your destination on the spot without even thinking of it and go to somewhere else, called place B. Now something more full of life will happen to you at place B , trust me , not kidding at all. You just need to observe things within and outside just the way it is. Without any purpose just go to place B. You will feel much happier, full of life, also something unpredictably beautiful and miraculous event will happen to you at that place or at that time.

The reason why it will happen is, you had convinced your mind saying that you will be at place A at certain time. When you had thought and planned to be at place A in your mind, you had already manifested a version of yourself at place A in that very moment when you didn’t even reach there. Also you had set a solid intention or reason about place A.

For example, I will go to place A and eat my favourite ice cream.
Here, you have set a destination place + Intention of eating ice cream.
So in your mind space, you are already there, eating ice cream mentally.

Just by being firm to your decision by attaching intention or reason to place A, you are already at place A. Its only a matter of time when you will experience the place A in now moment.

So already all kinds of other troubles and obstacles are automatically manifested along with your presence in place A. So all sorts of events which could have probably happen to you in place A were already fixed by the universe that you created in your head.

Now your question would be why I will face obstacles or any negative events at place A ?

There is a Law of the Universe called Law of Polarity. Its a very realistic law which has always worked on you successfully I can bet, but you have not noticed yet how.

Law of Polarity says, The amount of force you will give to any thought with intention and emotions, attracts the same amount of negative force as well.

Wanna know more about the Laws of the universe. Check out this link : 12 Laws of the Universe ~ Law of Polarity

As you suddenly changed your destination to place B, without even thinking and contemplating anything. Now the power of Unpredictability is activated here.
Here the Unpredictable universe will work for you, will protect you, and will flourish you with all sorts of beautiful surprises and you will feel the life within and will able to understand life and the game of life mindfully.

So all your possiblies lies in a parallel reality A. And all your unpredictability lies in another parallel reality called place B.

Possibilities are calculative and you can have both bad and good experience as per your subconscious programming.
But beyond possibilities lies the power of Infinity or Unpredictability.

Now you tell me, which Power has the greater force to change your life. An Infinite Power or a Limited possible power ?
Hope you get it right…!

Possibilities are always limited in power.
To experience a greater and expanded version of your life, learn to embrace the impossibility and unpredictability.

Changes are the eternal nature of this world. In Vedas, it is said that Shakti (Energy) always changes, never created nor destroyed. And One which never changes and stays still in all conditions of Shakti, we call it Shiva. They both are infinite in nature.

Something which is infinite can’t be understood using limited logical concepts, but it can be experienced and lived. That’s the beauty of infinity. We all can tune with it and live a boundless life if we allow ourselves to embrace.

The power of Infinity is always there , with opened arms to embrace us, but we only delay to recieve their hugs.

The drawback is of our mind is limited thoughts and perception, which comes by resembling ourselves as body and mind.

Gathering too much information blindly will enslave you and make you dumb if you allow it to. But if you allow your mind to tap into the real infinite power just by making your mind empty, you will know the difference between information, knowledge and divine intelligence.

Manifestation in a Moment

There are various levels within us which we need to master and accept
and embrace to make life smoother.
A simple heart and mind like a child is the best way to unlock your true potential.

Past and Future are just illusions of memories. We only live in one moment and each moment is unique. This moment will never come again in your life and its always moving ahead.

This one moment is fixed and not changeable and non-cyclic. It happens only once in a lifetime, only once in the whole cosmic creation.

Inner work to tap into Infinity

infinity symbol

There are various methods to align yourself with cosmic geometry.

Meditation is a state very familiar to us as we all do it everyday but unconsciously during relaxing and sleep.
Now we must start to do a consciuos Meditation.

I am sharing some key points which you can focus on while Meditating.

Start with simple Meditation and enhance using your own intuition.

Some of the key elements to focus on are as below , which I have applied in my life and I really saw a drastic difference in both physical and spiritual level.

  1. Aligning your focus, energy and emotions using Meditation and Yoga.
  2. Try Chitta Shakti Meditation. 3. Enhance your visualization using Meditative music.
    4.Quick detachment with all the visualised elements and living in now.
  3. Embracing my present self.
  4. Removing all my traumas and low self esteem with Meditation and self love.

For doing all of the above you don’t need any master class. You are your own master. The best guide to teach you is inside yourself, resides in your third eye, the all seeing eye. Yes, it observes all our activities inside and out. It never judges you but teaches you life lessons.

All the events which teaches you something in your life ,the whole event planning is done by third eye only. Very mysterious right.
It is the director of your movie.

With the topic of the Third eye, here comes the whole concept of Chakras in our body. But today we will talk about subliminals only.

For knowing more about chakras you can check out this link : The 7 Chakras: How To Unblock/Heal Your Chakras For Beginners

You must understand, not everything in this world can be fixed. There could be various imprints on our memory created by the society, the environment we live in, etc. Its okay to have some insecurities, its okay to feel imperfect, its okay to feel lonely sometimes, its okay to be shy, its really fine. Some thoughts and emotions can’t be fixed, whatever energy is trapped inside us and the past experiences can’t be erased just like that, until we meet a head injury.
But we have the choice to not entangle with our memories and just let it go like a dream, and embrace the the power of Now. We can transform our present by tuning the power of present moment.

The whole universe and galaxys are revolving and moving somewhere in the dark we don’t even know where. Isn’t it a miracle that we are still alive for so many years and no one stabbed us with a knife, no alien invasions on earth, sun and moon coming in their perfect timing, earth is revolving fine taking all of our burden around the sun.

It is really uncertain whether we will be alive the next moment or not. We must cherish this moment with ourselves.
The transformation will happen , don’t worry about it, surrender your worries to the universe who is the master manifestor, let it to be your personal assistant. And let us explore ourselves more.

Subliminal is just another weapon which we can use to win the war between our mind and heart. It will help to defy our human limitations.

Whenever you feel confused in life, just hold on, don’t do anything, just silent your mind and feel your breath, hear the voice of your heart.

How to work with the Power of Uncertainty?

You are already working imperfect collaboration with it. Just give up unto the universe, don’t fight with it. If you are frustrated of thinking like you are not transforming , there’s no cure, just surrender to the universe thats what it wants afterall.

If we ourselves try to do something without the help of the divine, then it becomes a burden for us. But what if we take the divine as our assistant !?
It would be a wonderful idea right..!

How to heir the Divine Source of Creation as our Personal Assistant ?

Be Conscious, grateful, and live your life the fullest in the present moment. Extract the most juices of ecstacy from your life in this moment. That’s all it takes.
Don’t fight with your thoughts thinking about past and future. You don’t have to do mental time travel.
If you are listening to subliminals, Just listen. You don’t have to set goals about your appearance, embrace your present self as you have put your one step closer towards the journey of transformation.

If you will define goals firmly, then it will be a limited goal which will trap certain Emotions within us regarding future self. And if we work with uncertainty power, we don’t even know what we would become, but surely we know that we will be something beyond our present thought and imagination.

Our thoughts and imagination are just a heap of information we gathered in our memories. Beyond memories, it’s hard to think anything. If we surrender the results to the divine, we are freeing ourselves from living in the limited imagination and thoughts. We are freeing ourselves from pretending and faking our minds with illusions.

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