Hey there! This is Yash Naik, owner and founder of subconsciousspirits. Due to the modernization of today’s world and due to advancement in technology, our responsibilities and work time has also increased. People are so busy now a days in their Corporate jobs and business that they have almost forgot that who they truly are and what is their main purpose. People are losing peace and are becoming more stressful. Despite of all the hard work and sacrifices that people do, most of them won’t get the chance to live their desired life and to fulfill their dreams.

So, with the help of my blog, I am here to help people to achieve what they truly deserve and to discover themselves in order to find who they truly are. Here, you find stuffs regarding spiritual peace, Law of Attraction, how to hack your own mind to become what you want, the power of Indian/Vedic mantras and science behind it, Personality development, top books summaries, how to master yourself, the reality of this illusionary world what we call ‘Matrix’ and much much more. So just stay tuned and keep exploring!

Talking about me, I am a 17 year old blogger, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Personal Trainer, Marketing Consultant and also an awakened spirit as well. I have attracted many opportunities in my life using mind hack techniques and Law of attraction. Besides this, I have also generated a business of $45000 for a company.