The mindfulness exercise helps you think more clearly, increase awareness and improve concentration. The best news is they are simpler than you may think to learn.

2 Great Mindfulness Exercise

This 2 great yet simple mindfulness exercise will help you a lot in increasing your present moment awareness. They will also make your brain sharper increasing focus, concentration, and alertness.

1. Easy Mindfulness Exercise

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Anytime you are stressed, stop, and attentively watch to identify what’s bothering you.

Perhaps there is an argument going on just below the surface of your consciousness, or you might be expecting something to happen, or you’re worried about something, or even in pain in some manner.

Notice everything you can. This self-observation is crucial. As you can do it more it will get easier. You’ll begin to realize how many things are currently going on in your head, distracting you. Now deal with these mind-irritants.

Make the phone call that’s on your mind, take an aspirin, Agree to whomever you fought with. You are able to write things on tomorrow’s to-do listing, to get them.

And if there is nothing you can do tell yourself that. You’ll feel much less stressed, and much more able to concentrate on the tasks at hand when you do this exercise.

You can get more brainpower and awareness now this mindfulness exercise.

2. A Better Mindfulness Exercise

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Sit down, relax and breath deeply through your nose. Let your eyes shut and be aware of your breath moving in and out.

Move your focus on your own body, one part at a time, imagining sensations of cold, hot, tight, tender and whatever else you identify. After a couple of minutes, begin without considering them, listening to sounds within the room.

While maintaining an awareness of your breath and your own body listen. In when it seems right, or ten minutes or so, open your eyes and look around as if you are seeing for the first time.

Let your eyes rest on a thing for a moment, analyzing it without talking about it on your mind. While maintaining an awareness of your body, your breathing, and some other noises then move to another, and some other thing.

Just stay in this state of mindfulness for a couple of minutes, till you’re prepared to get up. Whenever you are aware of your own body, breath, and immediate environment, you are more fully” at the moment.” Your brain is in a receptive condition.

Doing mindfulness exercises like this before some of your important mental tasks will provide you brain power, concentration, awareness, and especially more attention.

Want To Know More About Mindfulness And Meditation?

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Here, I have written a complete article on these 5 Easy Mindfulness Exercises. These are some 11 life-changing benefits of meditation. You can also use these 10 powerful mantras to increase your meditative states!

Today is a great day to find out something new. Why don’t you try one of these mindfulness exercises?

I hope you liked this article! Comment down below and let me know your thoughts about mindfulness!

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