So, are you experiencing signs of a spiritual awakening and don’t know about it?

Well, in real life, you don’t get the chance to either choose between the blue pill or the red pill. Neither, a Morpheous kind of personality will come in your life to spiritually awake you.

You get awake spiritually, by yourself and there can be many reasons as we will discuss them further.

Spiritual awakening is a journey when it comes into one’s life brings beauty, well-being, happiness, inner peace, fulfillment in life. But, at the same time, it can also bring a temporary phase of suffering, hardships, anxiety, uncertainty feeling of getting lost in life, in order to grow your soul and make it complete.

When you experience a spiritual awakening, you start to see beyond the lies and illusion of the world.

You seek something beyond materialism, richer, more fulfilling, and something that will make you feel whole once again. You desire to know more about your inner self, about you, your emotions, your thoughts, and everything. In short, you began to question everything.

Well, it’s possible that you are experiencing signs of spiritual awakening and don’t even know about it.

So, here in this article, I have covered not only the signs of a spiritual awakening but also its stages, the dark night of the soul, the cause and everything related to spiritual awakening.

If you read this article completely, all your questions and doubts regarding this topic will be fully cleared. (If you only want to know the signs of spiritual awakening and nothing else, just click on the “10th” number in the table of contents below)

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening


What Is Spiritual Awakening?

Credits: consciousreminder

Spiritual Awakening is the awakening of a dimension of reality beyond the confines of the go. Now here, ego means not arrogance, pride or anger. Here, the ego refers to our exclusive sense of self or “I.”

When we experience a spiritual awakening, we literally “wake up” in our lives. It’s the phase of life when we start to see everything beyond our ego.

When this happens, you start to question everything including your own thoughts, emotions, your beliefs and the false social conditioning that has been done to you.

Your awareness gets a high boost and you see a relationship/connection between your inner-self and everything around you simultaneously.

For instance, I want you to imagine yourself as a wave in the ocean. Before awakening, you could able to see yourself only as a wave. After a spiritual awakening, you realize that you are both wave and the ocean.

Similarly, you began to feel this simultaneous awareness of separation and connection between you and the world. We realize that life is not what we have been taught since childhood. But it’s much more, greater and beyond that. In short, we break all the boundaries and limitations for experiencing this life.

Also, in this phase, it’s very common to ask questions like:

  • Why do I exist?
  • What is the purpose of my whole life?
  • What happens after death?
  • What causes suffering and why good people always suffer?

Not to mention, if you have experienced a spiritual awakening, you might felt the urge to find the deeper meaning of this life and “higher self of being”. The desire of connecting with the Divine, or to find and seek God or higher beings are the common desires during this phase.

sigs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Why Do Spiritual Awakenings Happen?

Spiritual Awakenings happen because your soul is evolving, maturing and expanding. Your soul wants you to be wake up, be more aware and to experience this life fully. Just like everything in your life is growing, your connection with your soul also grows

At first, the process might seem painful, fearful, uncertain but in the long run, it’s always beautiful, beneficial, and helpful to you in all ways. Ultimately, this only helps you to live a more vivid, beautiful, complete, better and meaningful life.

In short, spiritual awakening happens when your lower self (ego) starts to build a deeper connection with your higher self (spirit).

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Examples Of Spiritually Awakened People

Credits: facto-facts

Not to mention, if I ask you the examples of spiritually awakened people, you may think about personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Gautam Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, etc. But, these are not the only ones who are awakened.

Even in today’s modern time, there are spiritually awakened people who are famous businessmen, writers, speakers, etc. I would like to list some of their names here. Most probably, chances are, you already know them:

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

1. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: After being a highly successful businessman at the age of 25, he began his path to spiritual awakening journey. Now, he runs a foundation called the “Isha Foundation” where he helps people in their own spiritual journey. The special thing about him is that he explains the science behind the concepts, which otherwise, normal people would call it superstitions.

2. Eckhart Tolle: He has been living for a long time in England and is now living in Canada. He is probably the most known living enlightened person in the world. Also the writer and publisher of the book “The Power of Now” became a New York Times bestseller.

3. Oprah Winfrey: She brought Eckhart Tolle to the people and who uses her SuperSoul Sunday as a way to spread enlightenment to her millions of viewers.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

The Lower Self (Ego) And The Higher Self (Spirit)

Credits: shelleyhallmark

We all have a lower self and a higher self. Our lower self is our ego and our higher seld is our spirit.

Also known as the lower soul, the ego is in charge to perform activities in this material world.

For instance, let’s say, you are playing an open-world computer game. You are the main player who is controlling the avatar (game character). Assume that you are really a perfect gamer and you always complete the missions in the game successfully.

Now, I know it’s no possible, but let’s assume that the avatar gets disconnected from your control and started playing the game on its own. What do you think, will happen?

As the avatar is playing the game by itself without any of your support, it can make mistakes, it can fail several times, it may have a hard time completing missions, etc.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

The Ego (Lower Self)

Now, I want you to connect this to your real life. Here, your ego is that avatar and your spirit is the professional controller/guide. Once you get disconnected from your spirit (higher self), you feel lost, meaningless, unworthy in your life.

The ego is the sense of self or “I, Me”. When you say things like:

  • My name is (your name)
  • I am a (your profession)
  • I have (the material things you own)
  • I think (insert any thought)

That’s the ego. The ego sees itself as separate, different or unique from everything or everyone. It sees itself as a special kind of identity.

The ego or the lower self is driven by external pleasures, material comforts, basic human needs, power, control, money, fame, etc.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

The Spirit (Higher Self)

On the other hand, the spirit or the higher self is quite the opposite. This divine spark isn’t driven by material pleasures and basic needs. Instead, it is calm, relaxed, understanding, neutral, compassionate and intuitive.

In short, the ego thinks, the spirit knows.

The ego (lower self) is always in the doing state while the spirit (higher self) is always in a state of being.

Most noteworthy, don’t think of ego as a negative aspect. Yes, it’s important for you to function in this material world. but remember, it should be balanced and connected to the higher self (spirit).

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

What Triggers The Spiritual Awakening Process?

Credits: nathanliemariefrechette

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly triggers this spiritual awakening process?

But, the truth there is no specific or definite answer to this question. It can happen due to various reasons depending on the person and the situation.

Generally speaking, spiritual awakening might happen at any moment in your life; even in the moments, you could never expect. They can also be completely natural.

But events like huge sufferings, mid-life crisis, coming in contact with a highly spiritually evolved person, road accidents, emotional traumas, divorces, etc. can also trigger the awakening process

A spiritual awakening can also happen in co-occurrence with the process known as “The Dark Night Of The Soul”.

I’ll discuss this process. But, before that, let me make some more things and confusion clear about the spiritual awakening. A lot of people get confused between Spiritual Awakening, Psychic Awakening, and Kundalini Awakening. Of course, these 3 might be related but they are the exact same.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Spiritual Awakening Versus Kundalini Awakening Versus Psychic Awakening

Credits: thenaiveperspective

As I have already told, these concepts can be closely related to each other but they are not the exact same. This is the common confusion among those who are beginners in understanding this concept,

Psychic Awakening refers to the activation of the pineal gland. With its activation or say after psychic awakening, you can experience different dimensions beyond this 3d dimensional space and time.

Kundalini awakening is a powerful phenomenon occurring in consciousness. It’s the process in which the Kundalini energy (located at the root chakra) meets the consciousness (located at the crown chakra), balancing and activating the other 5 chakras throughout the process.

Spiritual Awakening is Consciousness waking up to Itself as its true Identity. It involves opening the heart center or heart chakra. It is more closely associated with one’s psychology, the emotional body, and the soul.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

The Dark Night Of The Soul

Credits: Youtube, UNIQ POET

So, here comes the main part or I will say, a stage, during your spiritual awakening journey. This stage is called the “Dark Night Of The Soul”.

By seeing the name, mostly you may have already got the idea that this stage is not sweet, pretty, peaceful or beautiful. Instead, it is totally opposite and dark as the name suggests.

The dark night of the soul is a scary, unsettling, anxious, depressing, and fearful stage of the spiritual awakening process. I call this as the “Purging Stage” where all your negativity, is coming onto the surface.

If I would have to describe the dark night of the soul in 3 words, it would be “Disconnection From Everything” including your relations, God/Divine, family, people, your daily activities and even your own self.

This stage is a transformational stage that will cause you temporary suffering in an order to prepare your mind, body, and spirit for the greater conscious upgrade.

For instance, a normal rock has to go several burning processes in order to become a worthy Diamond. That, in a nutshell, the rock is you, the diamond is your awakened self and the burning process is the dark night of the soul.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Experiences And Questions That May Arise

Credits: -foreverconscious

You might experience things like:

  • The feeling of getting lost in life
  • Disconnection from the divine including every other thing and your own self
  • Unclear or blur future vision
  • A huge feeling of insecurity
  • Low and depressed mood
  • Lack of motivation to do things that you were doing earlier
  • Feeling that you don’t belong to this planet
  • Lost interest in most things
  • Material things don’t make you happy anymore
  • Feeling of despair and horror while observing the world

It’s also common to ask yourself questions like:

  • Why am I alive?
  • What is the point of my existence?
  • Why do good people suffer?
  • Is there God?
  • Is there any afterlife?
  • What is the ultimate truth?

But, you don’t have to worry. Remember, it’s just a stage Afterall and will pass away eventually and naturally.

The Dark Night Of The Soul is an important part of your spiritual journey. In short, you experience a process where all your limiting outdated beliefs, your previous identity, your daily patterns are getting broken; in order to install a new awakened mindset, beliefs, habits, etc. This happens because in order to accept something new, first, you have to get rid of the old.

In this stage, inner work is very important.

5 False Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

Before I tell you about the real signs of spiritual awakening, let me tell you the fake ones first.

Of course, there is no official term known as “false spiritual awakening”. Most of the time, when a person explores spirituality, or if he/she is a beginner who just started spiritual practice, he/she may have these false signs. Meaning that the person will just assume or will subconsciously try to act in certain ways, which in reality is not even happening.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

1} Acting Nice (Even If You Don’t Feel)

Credits: pinterest

Acting nice or innocent doesn’t necessarily mean that you are spiritually awake. Most of us know or think, that spiritual people act nice no matter what. So, people try to imply such behavior on themselves.

It’s true that highly spiritually evolved people, have inner calmness, inner happiness, and mental peace. So they act accordingly.

The main thing I want you to notice here that they don’t Try. They already Are.

So, if you are just lying to yourself and others by acting nice, it’s not a spiritual awakening. It’s more of an assumption or psychological fear or imbalance.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

2} Giving Yourself A False Sense Of Identity As “Spiritual Person”

Giving yourself any kind of identity, be it spiritual or anything, it determines your ego. Spiritually awakened people know that they don’t need an identity to define themselves; they are far beyond any identity.

You are neither fully spiritual or fully material. You transcend and include them both.

So again, if you are giving yourself any kind of identity, it’s more of egoic, not spiritual.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

3} Assuming That You Are “Good” And Others Are “Bad”

Credits: medium

“Good” and “Bad” are relative. The thing that can be good for you may be bad for someone else and vice versa.

Furthermore, a spiritually awakened person will never make any kind of judgment or conclusion on others. He sees everything as it is without making any kind of judgment.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

4} Chasing Love And Light

Another false sign is that you chase love and light. You try to seek love and light or assume to be one; in hope of getting enlightenment. You may think that joy and happiness are what you only need to be truly awakened.

But the truth is, oftentimes, spiritual awakenings happen because of your sufferings, struggling experiences, childhood emotional traumas, losing something or someone very close to you, etc.

Remember, most of the times, spiritual awakening doesn’t happen because everything is going well with you. But, it happens because your soul can’t stand the sufferings anymore.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

5} Deep Down, You Believe That You Are Better Than Others

Credits: dreamstime

Again, when you see yourself as “special”, it’s not spiritual. It’s egoic.

If you notice all the 5 signs, each is referring to the ego.

A spiritually awakened person sees and feels that everything and everyone is One. He sees himself as nothing more or nothing less than anything or anyone.

He has simultaneous awareness of his separation and connection with everything as mentioned earlier.

An egoic person only has separation.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

7 Stages Of A Spiritual Awakening

The spiritual awakening process is not that joyful, beautiful, glorious as the myth says. Instead, it’s the total opposite.

This process can be complex, traumatic and of course different for everyone. Most noteworthy, these stages aren’t an exact blueprint for everyone. As I already said, this journey is gonna different for everyone.

With that being said, even though it will not be the exact same for everyone. But you will get an idea or a glimpse of what most of the common spiritual awakening stages look like. If you already know what you will face, your mind will be prepared for that.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Stage 1: Sadness, Despondency, Feeling Of Getting Lost In Life

Credits: bustle

In stage 1, you will feel that you are completely have got lost in life. This is the stage where you experience the “Dark Night Of The Soul” as already mentioned above.

This stage is a feeling of huge unhappiness, stress, sadness. depression, worry, confusion, disconnection with everything, meaningless life, anxiety, and maybe every possible negative emotion.

This is the stage where your mind, body, and soul is getting purified. So, you don’t have to worry much as it will eventually fade away. Just, do the inner work and stay strong.

This may happen naturally or due to past emotional traumas such as divorce, breakup, death, accident, etc.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Stage 2: Changing Perspectives

In stage 2, you start to see the world and this reality in a completely different way. In short, you are not what you were before. You start to observe through the lies and false social conditioning cultivated by society.

In this stage, you even start to question your own thoughts, beliefs, mindset, etc. You start seeing the world from a more accurate point of view (mostly negative).

You feel sad, depressed and tensed with your own life and have no hope left for the world. You no longer see life as you were doing earlier.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Stage 3: You Seek For Questions And Meaning In Life

Credits: theconversation

In stage 3, you will start to find questions and meaning in your life. In this stage, you ask yourself some of the heaviest questions such as “What is the point of existence?”, “Why I am living this life?” and so on.

Of course, everything happens for a reason. So, there must be a reason for all of these, right? In this stage, you start to find your purpose in life, the reason for your existence or ways to live in a more meaningful way.

You might get indulging in different metaphysical, self-help, and esoteric fields in the search for answers and truth.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Stage 4: Discovering Answers And Undergoing Breakthroughs

In stage 4, you will start to notice that you meet spiritual teachers, belief systems, sources of knowledge, that will give you some of the answers to your questions. They will give you a way to handle the situation and what to do exactly.

Here, you will feel a sense of progress and as if everything is getting good again. You may have a number of small spiritual experiences or a glimpse of enlightenment.

This is the phase of joy, hope, settling, etc.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Stage 5: Disillusionment And Feeling Lost Again

Credits: lifehack

In stage 5, you might get done with all the surface level spiritual practices that you were doing.

Remember, the spiritual journey is a journey of ups and downs. It is not a straight path. Here, you will notice that you are feeling and urge to give up on stuff that teaches you only surface-level spiritual things.

You might get bored or irritated by the spiritual teachers and all other spiritual BS that you were practicing currently. At this point, you will feel to go into a deeper level. You may have felt long periods of a strong connection with the universe or with the divine. But, after that, you may get completely disconnected from the divine again. Don’t worry, this is normal.

So, with his being said, you might feel deeply disappointed or disturbed by this experience. Here, you start to crave the deeper aspects of spirituality that will transform each and every part of your life from the core.

This unhappiness, disappointment, disillusionment, irritation will inspire you to find something deeper and something more meaningful.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Stage 6: Deeper Internal (Inner) Work

Stage 6 is experienced with respect to stage 5.

In stage 6, you will be no longer in so-called “feel good” spiritual activities/practices, texts or the surface level spiritual stuff. The irritation or unhappiness inside you motivates you to crave something far, something beyond and deeper.

In this stage, you might take activities like meditation, yoga, rituals, bodywork, inner exploration or other heavy spiritual activities more seriously than ever.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Stage 7: Integration, Expansion, Joy

Credits: kerryshook

This stage is the stage of profound happiness, integration, expansion, and joy.

Integration means applying the spiritual lessons that you have learned during the deep inner work into your daily life. It may happen both naturally and consciously as a daily habit of deep inner work.

In this stage, you will also experience the long-lasting change that you have developed throughout the whole journey. You may also get mystical experiences and the feeling of deep connection with the divine.

Basically, this is the stage where you will be in the complete sync of the universe/divine.

Always remember, the spiritual enlightenment is never guaranteed. We can work for it as best can we can. But in the end, it’s a gift from life and nature.

Nevertheless, in this stage, you will feel complete joy, inner peace, long-lasting happiness and much more.

You may feel that you are now ready to be a spiritual mentor in your area or your community. You might feel the urge to pass on the knowledge, experiences, lessons, and teachings to other people.

In this stage, your decision is very less ego-based. You don’t see everything or everyone as “I” anymore. Instead, you see as “We”.

Also, you will also feel connected, joyful, peaceful and happy with your life.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Important Note

It is normal to feel shifts or ups and downs between these stages. Remember, the spiritual journey is not linear or an exact process. It is a complex, confusing and messy path.

So, it’s perfectly fine if you are not experiencing the stages exactly, as I have mentioned above. Everyone is unique, so is the process. The above stages will help you to get a glimpse of what the journey might look like.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

10 Signs And Symptoms Of A Spiritual Awakening

Now, let’s look into the most common and unmistakable signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening. Once again, I ‘ll make one thing clear, these signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening may differ from person to person.

These spiritual awakening signs may be spiritual, psychological and even physical. So, let’s see what the most common and unmistakable signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening look like.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Sign 1: Super Strong Intuition

Credits: dreamcatcherreality

In simple words, intuition is also referred to as “Gut Feeling”. It is also known as “The Voice Of Your Soul” or “The Inner Voice”. It is inside you and was always been there.

When you were not awakened, you were taking your decisions based on fear, external motivation, other people’s opinions, but not really by your intuition’s voice.

This is one of the most common signs of a spiritual awakening. Here, you will experience that your intuition has drastically increased.

What your inner voice tells, becomes one of the best decisions ever. You will notice that you are taking most of life’s decisions based on your intuition, not fear or any external factors.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Sign 2: Increased Authenticity And Truthfulness

After a spiritual awakening, being true to yourself becomes your topmost priority. You remove all your fake masks, your fake behavior that you used to be earlier.

You just want to be as the way you are and other people’s opinion doesn’t matter anymore.

With this being said, you don’t seek validation or attention in public or crowded places. Instead, you help others to explore their own truth and beauty.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Sign 3: Living Fully In The Present Moment

Credits: pmcgregor

After a spiritual awakening, you realize that there is no point in dwelling, regretting or overthinking about your past.

Also, there is no point in thinking too much about the future. As your future depends on your present. You start to live fully in the “Now”.

Now, this doesn’t mean you become careless about your life and do whatever you want for the sake of living in the present. In short, you don’t overthink it.

You simply apply the lessons you have learned from your past into the present, which ultimately makes your future better.

Besides this, you understand that the only moment that exists is the “Present Moment.” You live this moment fully also simultaneously working for your better future.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Sign 4: Increased Empathy And Sensitivity

You are focusing on and understanding people’s emotions and feelings more than the words. In this stage, you understand your and people’s feelings, your emotions better than ever. You can literally feel other people.

You feel the energy of others more intensely, the pain of your loved ones more strongly and the struggles and suffering of life better than ever.

You will also start to notice that almost everything around you is affecting your level of energy and your emotions. In short, your sensitivity has increased.

On a positive outlook, you feel very connected to nature, animals, birds, etc. You start feeling nature as your real home.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Sign 5: Increased Inner Peace

Credits: medium

This is one of the most common signs of a spiritual awakening.

You will feel that your inner peace has drastically increased. You love to live alone, spend time with yourself. You don’t need anyone or anything in order to attain inner peace.

You will also notice that Television or Social media don’t trigger you much as they were doing earlier. You now tend to shut off the T.V. and social media more often recently.

External situations or people are very less likely to disturb your inner peace at this point. Meaning that, no matter what the external situation is, you tend to stay calm and peaceful most of the time. This in turn, also lets you make the best decisions.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Sign 6: General Conversations Seem Shallow

You are not interested in the small talks anymore with people. Generally, you look for conversations that are deep, wise, meaningful and thoughtful.

But at the same time, you also realize that there are very few people who actually have interest talking about feelings, emotions, spirituality, the deeper meaning of life, dreams, soul, mind, etc. Now, you are irritated by the small talks and want to be away from them.

You are not at all interested in gossips, criticism, meaningless talks, etc.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Sign 7: You Want To Understand Yourself From The Core


You repeatedly ask yourself questions like, “Why do I exist?”, “What is the purpose of my life?”, “Why my emotions exist?”, “Who am I?”,”Why was I born?”,”What I am supposed to do here?”

Along with this, you also become very aware of your own thoughts, actions, and emotions. As a result of this, you get better control of yourself than earlier.

With this being said, you also start to explore self-help books or spiritual texts. And of course, that’s probably the reason, you are reading this article 😉

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Sign 8: You Crave For Meaning And Purpose In Life

You are done living with society’s expectations and meaningless life. Now, you want to desperately find your life’s meaning and purpose of your own.

Initially, you might not know what exactly is. But you are willing to give your all to find you like purpose. So, you live a meaningful life on your own terms rather than living someone else’s.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Sign 9: Focusing More On Your Inner World

Credits: medium

This is with respect to the 8th sign.

Before awakening, most probably you could be focusing more on the outer or external world.

Things like money, fame, respect, family, friends are chased by your ego. But, now you are less focused on these things (outer world).

Instead, you are more focused on your inner realm of thoughts, feelings, dreams, and imagination.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

Sign 10: Realizing That We All Are One And Connected

You realize deep down inside that we all are one and interconnected. You don’t only just think about it but also feel it deeply from the core.

As a result of this, you stop thinking and acting competitive where only one person is benefited. Instead, you start thinking about the well being and progress for each and every one.

You understand that our thoughts, emotions, and actions influence this reality. And, we all are nothing more than the fragments of one great whole, that is, the Spirit.

This stage may take months or several years to achieve.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

10 Physical Signs And Symptoms of A Spiritual Awakening

Credits: thespiritscience

Now, let us look into some common signs of a spiritual awakening on a physical level:

1. Amplification Of The Senses: You will notice that your senses have become more sharp and sensitive. Colors are brighter, sounds are clear and louder, the taste is intensified, smells are sharper and touch is more felt than earlier. In a sense, you can also say that your senses have become more accurate, sharp and intense.

2. Change In Weight: Your weight is increased or decreased too much from what it was earlier.

3. Change In Sex Drive: You will notice that your sex drive is too much increased or too much decreased from the previous one.

4. Fluctuations in energy: You will feel less energized than you used to do earlier.

5. Faster Hair And Nail Growth: Your hairs and nails are growing faster than before.

6. Change In Sleeping Patterns: You sleep too much or having disturbed sleep due to insomnia.

7. Vivid Dreams: Your dreams are becoming too scary, bizarre or intense

8. Energy Fluctuations: Feeling more or less energized than you used to feel earlier.

9. Change In Eating Habits: What you once liked eating; no more appeals to you. In fact, you may also try experimenting with the foods that you have never tasted or tried to see which suits you best.

10. Food Intolerances And Allergies: You discover the foods from which you are allergic. You used to eat those before too but never paid attention.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

How Long Does A Spiritual Awakening Last?

The spiritual awakening process is said to be a life long journey. Once, you are awakened, you can’t back go to sleep. Meaning that, once you have started this journey, there is no returning back.

The spiritual awakening process is a journey of calmness, happiness, and peacefulness. But, at the same time, it’s also a journey of chaos and intense periods of change.

It’s important that we honor and respect these ups and downs of a spiritual awakening process accepting it a mysterious rather than linear.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

What To Do After A Spiritual Awakening?

Credits: dreamcatcherreality

After experiencing a spiritual awakening, it is vital that you discover all the spiritual paths or opportunities available to you. Follow your heart, listen to your intuition and do what you feel according to the situation.

I highly recommend searching for a guru to stay guided. As mentioned earlier, inner work is very important so that you don’t get stuck in between.

signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening

So, that was everything about the signs of a spiritual awakening process, its stages, etc. Feel free to ask any kind of questions or doubts in the comments below.

Comment down below, what are the signs of a spiritual awakening that you are experiencing?

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